Trial Continuity

Minimize study disruption with ERT's virtual solutions

No matter the challenge, ERT’s goal remains the same: helping you collect high quality safety and efficacy data. The capabilities of our data collection technology and analytics tools are now more important than ever as many clinical trial patients are required to submit data remotely.

With ERT, you can maintain confidence in your patient data and trial outcomes by managing study compliance, performance, and risk from anywhere in the world.


Virtual Visits

Collect data and keep patients connected and engaged with your study by leveraging telemedicine or telehealth technology. ERT’s Virtual Visits solution enables secure, convenient at-home consultations between patients and sites. Don’t miss out on valuable facetime with patients, which can be critical to symptom monitoring and data quality.

eCOA & ePRO Solutions

Combine ERT’s eCOA Tablet solution with a phone call or web conference between the site user and the patient to capture data.

We understand that not all eCOA assessments can be completed remotely. Please contact your ERT representative to review your study’s specific assessment options for virtual support with the eCOA Science and Product Teams.

Patient Engagement Technology

Designed with the patient in mind, ERT’s solutions use technology to ensure compliance and keep patients informed about their progress throughout the study. Interactive prompts and familiar devices make participation easy, comfortable, and intuitive. Stay top-of-mind with reminders, training sessions, and simple interfaces that live in patients’ pockets and on their screens.

Home Monitoring Assessments

ERT’s integrated solutions capture compliant, verified data without site visits and transmit it for central review and analysis in the cloud.

Technology enables the collection of patient data outside of sites or at sites closer to the patient’s home, and across many endpoints and modalities. ERT’s at-home capabilities feature solutions for eCOA, respiratory, imaging and cardiac safety monitoring.  We also support wearables and biosensor integrations.

Home Visit Collection

The location is different, but the process is the same when conducting traditional in-clinic assessments and tests during a home visit. Authorized site personnel or home clinicians transport portable devices with all required consumables to the patient’s home or alternative location and then follow protocol as they would in-clinic. ERT supports this capability for eClinROs, ECG collection, and spirometry. 

Additional education and training may be required to optimize home visits.

Integration with Site-Owned Devices

Sites can use existing ECG and spirometry equipment instead of ERT provisioned devices.

Via the ERT Portal, you can upload an image or PDF of your ECG or spirometry data collected with site-owned devices that is then shared with ERT. We’ll use our precision paper over-reading service to measure the ECG and give a cardiologist’s interpretation of the results or provide central overread with acceptability and best test review analysis for spirometry data.

Remote Imaging Scans

ERT’s flexible cloud-based imaging solution can rapidly bring new sites online that are closer to patients than their primary investigative site. This allows for compliant image capture from any location and equipment.

Once the images are uploaded into ERT’s Imaging Management System, readers and radiologists will be able to access them, no matter where they’re located. 

To set up these new sites quickly, ERT’s Site Qualification capabilities offer:

    • Site training
    • Technician qualification and competency testing
    • Equipment qualification


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