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Secure data drives your studies and future pharmaceutical advances. ERT provides technology that reduces the risk, worry, and cost of data capture, and increases your peace of mind.

Decentralized trials may be changing the clinical research industry, but we know your primary goal remains the same: capturing reliable and evaluable endpoint data. Shifting responsibility for data submission from site staff to patients comes with challenges. That’s where ERT’s proven technology comes in. Our scientific expertise, regulatory experience, and technology innovation inform everything we do. The results? Effective virtual solutions for decentralized trials that go beyond simply capturing and transferring data. They provide patients with a superior experience through coaching and guidance that makes workflows clear and participation easy, meaning you end up with higher quality endpoint data.

Talk to a specialist today to learn about these and other impactful solutions:

  • Virtual visits
  • eCOA & ePRO collection tools
  • At-home spirometry
  • At-home blood pressure and ECG monitoring
  • Wearables and connected devices

A Commitment to the Patient Experience

Designed to offer superior patient experiences, ERT’s solutions back your decentralized trials with technology built to prioritize the patient. We believe tools like focus groups, behavior science, and user research, as well as user experience insights, are invaluable to the design process. With these pillars in mind, we aim to deliver virtualization tools that integrate seamlessly into the patient’s day.

Our goal is to make participation easy, comfortable, and intuitive. We can help ease your mind and equip patients with the support they need to succeed in your decentralized trial: automatic reminders, engaging training sessions, personalized study schedules, and progress reports, all available on a network connected to the devices that patients use every day.

Staying Connected in Decentralized Trials

Patients aren’t experts in data collection, and some situations require tools, technology, or training that can’t realistically be delivered within the bounds of a clinical trial. In those cases, it may be necessary to arrange for a patient to speak with a medical professional virtually, deploy a medical professional to the individual’s home, or send the patient to a location in their community that has the necessary equipment. ERT has solutions to make these connections when- and wherever you need.

Virtual Visits

Ensuring quality care and maintaining a connection with patients is critical to retention during a decentralized trial’s duration. Our telehealth solution gives staff the opportunity to connect with patients in siteless or hybrid trials, where site visits may be fewer or less frequent. Don’t miss out on critical symptom monitoring and the data it can inform.

Home Monitoring Assessments

Our home monitoring solutions reliably capture the compliant, verified data you need to complete your study, without risky or inconvenient site visits. ERT technology makes easy work of the collection of patient data outside of the usual testing sites.

At-home assessments can include: eCOA, respiratory, imaging, cardiac safety monitoring, and wearables integration.

Home Visit Collection

When a home visit is the best option for a study to be completed, you can be confident in ERT’s ability to deliver the support and usable data that you require.

Authorized home clinicians transport all required testing devices and consumables to a patient’s home or preferred location and conduct studies following the same protocols they would in-clinic. This option is available for eClinROs, ECG collection, and spirometry.

Site Integrations

When time is of the essence or a study requires the use of medical equipment that can’t be adapted to a remote environment, ERT can step in and provide integrations that allow site-owned or site-based equipment to fit seamlessly into your hybrid trial.

Integration with Site-Owned Devices

Sites can use existing ECG and spirometry equipment instead of ERT-provided devices if there is no time for delivery.

Using the ERT Portal, you can upload an image or PDF of your ECG or spirometry data collected with site-owned devices to be shared with ERT. We’ll use our precision paper over-reading service to measure the ECG and give a cardiologist’s interpretation of the results or provide central overread with acceptability and best test review analysis for spirometry data.

In-Community Imaging Scans

ERT’s flexible, cloud-based imaging solution can rapidly bring new sites online that are closer to patients than their primary investigative site. This allows for compliant image capture from any location and equipment. Once the images are uploaded into ERT’s Imaging Management System, readers and radiologists will be able to access them, no matter where they’re located.

To set up these new sites quickly, ERT’s Site Qualification capabilities offer:

  • Site training
  • Technician qualification competency testing
  • Equipment qualification

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