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Decentralized Clinical Trials at Scale

Remote data collection has become a part of the new normal, and patients now expect to be able to connect to their trial experience no matter where they are. ERT supported the industry’s first virtual clinical trial in 2010, and has excelled at data capture at home and in the community for years. Our experience and technology provide the support that you want behind your next virtual or decentralized clinical trial of any size. Let us show you how we work.

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Technology You Can Trust

Sponsors and CROs are now responsible for managing a new set of patient burdens associated with remote data submission. This means it’s critical to consider a solutions provider that knows how to leverage virtual trial tools and technology to empower patients to capture the data you need. Personalize your virtual or hybrid trial for your patients, and eliminate uncertainty with ERT’s virtual solutions.

Your Trial Data When You Need It

Tools that visualize performance indicators like study progress and compliance and analyze safety and efficacy data are key to protecting study outcomes in decentralized trials.

Global Support for your Decentralized Studies

ERT provides comprehensive global support for you and your studies. Our teams of scientific leaders, logistics experts, site and patient trainers, and 24/7 global customer care professionals are working around the clock to help you collect and deliver data.


Virtual Trials and the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of decentralized trials to complete existing studies and ensure continuity through new ones. ERT’s virtual trial solutions are informed by a 2020 industry survey and subsequent report, "Virtual Trials and the COVID-19 Pandemic," providing valuable insight on changes in the clinical trials space.

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